MERİÇ MH. 5748/1 SK. NO:26 BORNOV .
TR 35090 Boronova Izmir
Mr. Egemen Bilgin

Company profile

FRESHWELD is a Fume Extraction & Air Filtration units manufacturer based in Turkiye. Our one and only scope and our focus is about R&D, industrial projects based on Polluted Air Filtration unit project design, manufacturing the best and powerful units about Welding Fume Extractor units. Welding Fume Extraction Solutions, Oil-Mist Filtration, Dust Collection and Hall (Ambient) Ventilation.

Since its establishment, the FRESHWELD brand has managed to attract attention with its innovative and reliable structure in the sector and has become the solution partner of the most important brands of the sector with its meticulous production quality. The right choice of professional solutions FRESHWELD products are produced by an expert production team of 120 people in production facilities established in a closed area of ​​​​16,000 m2. With a wide product segment and a high quality production philosophy that pays attention to details, we develop the most accurate solutions for our business partners in the fields of air intake, filtration and ventilation, which are indispensable for work and human safety.On the one hand, while producing economical and quality products with our mass production infrastructure; on the other hand