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WAAM Technology

WAAM Technology

GEDİK Welding together with Istanbul GEDİK University conducts R&D works in the field of Metal Additive Manufacturing, particularly in the field of Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM).  

GEDİK Welding develops and produces new generation of solid and metal cored wires for innovative and challenging 3D WAAM applications, where low and high strength design requirements both may exist. Non-ferrous welding wires such as stainless steel, aluminium and bronze alloys can also be provided together with respective process and material data sheets that designers and customers can readily use for their WAAM applications.

GEDİK Welding can provide “ GeKa WAAM Cell” including welding robot, power source, positioner together with respective software and special wires including GeKa WAAM Data Sheets.

Ask us about the manufacturing system for your Metal 3D part using Robotic WAAM Technology
Ask us about obtaining the best WAAM welding wires for your Metal 3D Part
Ask us about education – training – certification of your WAAM (DED-Arc) Engineers and Operators

At the booth you will learn more about the exceptional value of WAAM technology.

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GEDİK WELDING established in Turkey 60 years ago is a global leader in the field of welding consumables and equipments. Under its internationally-registered trademarks GeKa® and GeKaTec®, the company manufactures about 90,000 tons/year of superior quality coated welding electrodes, brazing rods, special repair and maintenance products, as well as gas-shielded arc, submerged arc and flux-cored welding wires. The company also produces its own GeKaMac® brand of rectifiers, gas shielded arc and submerged arc welding generators (conventional or inverter types).

GEDİK WELDING is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe and exports its products to all continents. Keeping abreast of the largest technological developments in the domain, GEDİK WELDING also generates robotic solutions and welding automation equipment for various industries, both in Turkey and overseas.

GEDİK WELDING develops solutions based on the need of each industry segment to assure the end-users can have the best results.

The company’s production facilities makes it easy to supply customized welding products and innovative engineering solutions, tailor-made to respond to the diverse needs of its clientele.

Focusing on innovation strongly, GEDİK WELDING expands and enhances their wide of range of multi-sector products and services dynamically relying on its own in-house know-how, technology and immaculate engineering and modern laboratory facilities where cutting-edge, durable, relevant and economical solutions and products are continuously produced to perfection.

Our strength comes from our focus on continuous education through GEDİK UNIVERSITY as we work on the advancement of welding science and technology. Furthermore, the non-profit organisation, Gedik Educational Foundation (GEV), conducts various internationally-recognised welding education, training as well as certification.

The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview