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Essential for all professional industrial welders! Innovative, high-performance and appropriate power rating. The new TIG-MAX® XT models can be used around the clock, from metal finishing to plant engineering! * No toxic pickling chemicals * Environmentally friendly * NSF-certified cleaning fluids * Removes white edges, stains and rust * Low operating costs * Durable brush ≈ 1,000 m * Includes notching/marking functions * Easy, fast, clean!

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HSF Industrietechnik GmbH is a medium-sized company from Bad Endbach. We are operate in the field of industrial technology, with special emphasis on welding and diamond technologies. Your satisfaction is our goal! … in every aspect. Are you looking for a time-saving, easy-to-handle, health and environmentally friendly solution for cleaning stainless steel welding seams? Then the new TIG-MAX® XT is the right choice for you. It is revolutionary in welding seam cleaning solutions! The small but powerful unit uses a unique high-temperature carbon brush to bring electrical energy to the surface of the stainless steel. Thanks to its ability to clean and passivate all welding seams in one step, it saves many work steps and thus also a great deal of time. See for yourself!