Unit 21, Gunnels Wood Park
GB SG1 2BH Stevenage/Herts

Company profile

IA Barnes & Co Ltd (IABCO) is an established and leading supplier of solid welding wire to the welding industry.

The IABCO welding wire product range comprises in excess of 100 wire analyzes manufactured as MIG, TIG and SUB-ARC welding wire.

At both the warehouse in Stevenage, and at the manufacturing plant in Germany, quality control is paramount. There are systems in place that incorporate an extremely comprehensive number of quality controls, from the selection of raw material through the entire production process to final inspection and labelling.

IABCO offers an extensive range of welding wire products including: general purpose mild steels for repair and maintenance, low alloy high strength, medium alloy, high toughness, creep resisting and weathering steels. The full range now extends to: stainless steels, nickel base, aluminium, copper, brazing, high temperature and hardfacing alloys.