C. F. Tietgens Boulevard 26
DK 5260 Odense SO

Company profile

Inrotech is a high-tech welding robot company from Denmark. Over the past years Inrotech has developed several unique and revolutionizing technologies within the field of robotic welding. As the only company in the world, Inrotech is able to deliver robot welding systems with adaptive intelligence, enabling the Inrotech Welding Robots to automatically identify what to weld and how to weld it, without programming of any kind. Operation is thus very simple and is easily done by welders, after only a few hours of education.

To achieve such excellence in adaptive welding intelligence, Inrotech uses their own innovations; ALPT (Adaptive Logic Programming Technology) and AMWT (Adaptive Multipass Welding Technology). With these two technologies and the new Panel scanning technology, automatic weldplanner, highly sophisticated arc sensor technologies and many more, Inrotech can offer a large variety of robotic applications for welding of heavy steel structures. Many of these are even mobile and therefore offer unique flexibility in the production lines of our customers.

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