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Lantek introduces important innovations for the digitalization of companies

Lantek introduces important innovations for the digitalization of companies

Lantek has developed important innovations in its software solutions to improve performance and adapt even better to the needs of its customers in the fabrication sector. These improvements are part of the continuous innovation policy that the multinational applies to its products and which bring the reality of digital processing ever closer for manufacturers.

One of the systems experiencing the most significant change is Lantek Expert, which now includes a 64-bit version and significant innovations in automatic nesting. The 64-bit version enables higher performance in the nesting and sheet metal cutting module and achieves greater security by preventing the execution of malicious code.

In addition, huge advances have been introduced in different technologies:

- The optimization of the calculation of times for the machining of chamfers with water jet machines

- Important developments in programming both in the preparation of parts drawings and in nesting

- New options in milling applications with the support of more tool types and different material entry strategies

- Additional options for the common cut grid

- New module for designing mosaics

All these innovations will facilitate the work of thousands of users in the sheet metal and fabrication sectors and will increase the performance of a product which is already a market-leader.

The Lantek Flex3d Tubes solution is also undergoing a major change in 2017. The main update is focused on the 2D geometry editing module, which is now much more powerful and easier to use without the need to launch an external program. New operations for defining joints between tubes have also been added. In this way, Lantek customers can complete jobs with kits and can export tube structures by defining different types of joints between parts, streamlining manufacturing and facilitating assembly. This is unquestionably great news that will simplify the work of pipe manufacturers.