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Products and innovations

There is something new coming

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH will present its latest innovation - and it is impressive in terms of performance, operation, design, networking and future.

Those who have already had the chance to try out the system and work with it are quite impressed - some think that Lorch will set a new benchmark with it. 

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH in the MEDIA CENTER

Lorch company picture: View into the production of the MicorMIG
Photographer: Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH
Lorch Cobot Welding Solutions
Photographer: Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH
Lorch Robotics with LMR2 Robotics torch system
Photographer: Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH
Lorch APR900 Helmet and LMS Performance Torches
Photographer: Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH
Product range

The Lorch complete range of products and solutions - safe, efficient, economical. For your success.

Welding technology in premium quality, made in Germany, for the challenges of today and tomorrow? Answers to the shortage of skilled workers? Focus on the health of the welder?

Lorch offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for these and other welding requirements:
Manual welding: the right solution for every requirement and every welding process - MIG-MAG, TIG and electrode.
Automated welding: from mechanized welding, to collaborative welding with our Cobot Solutions, to welding automation with robots.
Digital services: simple solutions for quality management and assurance.
Accessories: comprehensive equipment that complements our systems
Occupational safety: from work clothing to welding helmets with fresh air system - protected from head to toe

Product range



Our novelties:

The new R-series: the workshop champion.

The R-series convinces in hard practical use with its robust and compact housing, an
intuitive control panel and modern inverter technology. The new generation of devices now offers craftsmen and small businesses MIG-MAG perfection according to industry standards.

The R series is available in two power variants with 200 and 300 amps. The R 200 draws maximum power from the 230 V mains and welds sheets up to eight millimeters thick with up to 200 amps. With its 300 amp peak current, the R 300 easily processes wire diameters of 1.2 millimeters and sheets up to 15 millimeters thick.


The new LMS Performance torches: welding in the top class.

The torches stand for:

  • Perfect ergonomics: the balanced torch relieves the welder, meets the highest ergonomic standards and offers top operating comfort.
  • Excellent performance: it delivers clean and constant welding results - even with aluminum and steel, for the perfect weld.
  • Maximum productivity: clean welds, barely any rework, lower costs for consumables and gas, happier welders - keeping welding production goinh and costs under control.
  • Sustainable welding: sustainability starts with product design - repair-friendly construction, all parts with highest quality, reduction of thermal strain for longer lifetime of the consumables.

Lorch presents the torches in two variants: as a standard version and in the
Powermaster version with display and buttons for remote control of the Lorch welding system directly on the torch head. The LMS torches are also optimally designed for pulse welding and equipped with Euro central connection. With the LMS Performance torches, the optimum is extracted from the Lorch system - for the perfect result.


Proven: The MicorMIG - the all-rounder for every material and every process.

The MicorMIG impresses with an easy-to-adjust, stable arc, simple intuitive operation and has the right answer for every material and every application. And it is also future-proof thanks to its upgradeability - even to a pulse system. This makes it THE all-rounder in production - at a top price-performance ratio.


More solutions for manual welding:

Product range



The Lorch Cobot Welding Solutions for individual complete solutions.

Today, collaborative welding solutions have become a guarantee of success for small businesses and medium-sized companies. With them, not only can small and medium-sized series be welded easily and highly economically in an automated manner. They also take the strain off welders in their tough day-to-day work and successfully compensate for the ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers.

With the myCobot modular system, Lorch now offers an even simpler and more targeted entry into the world of collaborative welding. In the future, companies will be able to put together their individual automation solution from the Cobot Welding Solutions, tailored to their specific welding tasks and requirements.

Welding with the Cobot Welding Solutions from Lorch means: easy programming, less work for the welder, increased productivity and quality, future through continuous further development, manageable investment and fast amortization.


Robot welding: Efficient. Profitable. Safe.

The greatest challenges in welding are consistent quality and high piece counts with maximum productivity. That's why welding automation is becoming increasingly important - and with it robotic welding.

Robot welding is the safe and efficient solution to meet these challenges. In addition to the classic method of manual welding, which is still irreplaceable in some areas, automated welding with a programmable system or a welding robot brings decisive advantages. With the right welding robot solution from Lorch, large industrial operations as well as smaller companies with a wide range of batch sizes benefit from greater productivity and profitability.


The LMR 2 robotic welding torches: the torch range for every project.

With the LMR 2 system, Lorch supplies intelligent complete solutions from the torch to the wire feeder to the torch source - all from a single source and precisely matched to each other. This makes welding automation maximally efficient, reliable and productive. Plug & weld - quite simply with all common robot types.


More information on easy welding automation:

Product range



The new APR 900 series: professional helmets for comfortable and safe welding.

The continuous improvement of the working conditions of welders is a central concern of Lorch Schweißtechnik.Through a variety of innovations and practical details, the helmets not only adapt perfectly to individual needs and respective work requirements. They offer the highest level of safety for the welder with optimum visibility and are designed for the demanding and tough everyday working conditions.

In addition to the basic APR 900 model, Lorch offers the APR 900 XF helmet variant with flip mechanism. To protect the welder from inhaling particles and toxic welding fumes, both helmet variants can be combined with a fresh air system. Health first!

All solutions for occupational safety:

Company profile

THIS IS LORCH. Smart welding technology: high-quality, innovative, economical.

For over 65 years, Lorch has been developing and manufacturing high-quality welding solutions for industrial applications, the demanding metal working, as well as for use in automation with robots and collaborative robot systems. In addition, self-developed helmet and torch systems ensure optimum welding results. Our quality systems are manufactured in Germany in one of the world's most cutting-edge manufacturing plants and exported to more than 60 countries.Lorch thus combines tradition and a vision of the future of welding. The result: reliable and innovative welding technology.

Lorch welding systems are developed by teams who spend a lot of time on the road, listening and understanding your welding requirements. This is how first-class processor technology, intelligent software and high-quality components are used to create practical, intuitive welding systems. Appreciated by the best welders around the world.

Lorch makes no compromises when it comes to quality. That's why we can easily give you an extended manufacturer's warranty of 3 years when you buy Lorch welding equipment. For selected components it is even 5 years. Quality made by Lorch - that pays off for you in the long run.