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Company profile

In the year 2000, in order to reduce costs, to consolidate its leading position in Turkey and to turn Magmaweld into a global brand; the production facilities, R&D centers and warehouses were moved to new, state of the art facilities in Manisa, situated in the West of Turkey. Until this year, OERLIKON and HALKALI were the major brands of the group. In order to establish itself as a strong global player in the field, the MAGMAWELD brand was created. The similarity between the molten core of the earth, the magma and the weld pool signifies the source of its name and the brand is registered as a trademark across the globe.


Magmaweld greatly values technical education and has been contributing to the training and education of thousand of welders through regular, free of charge courses since 1961. This service helps increase consumer awareness and technical competence throughout the industry.


Magmaweld strives for customer satisfaction and process excellence. In order to satisfy customer needs, all questions and remarks about products, training, welding technologies, standards, work safety and automation are processed through the call center at +90 444 9353 (WELD) or through live support from where the relevant information is directed to Magmaweld's related experts.

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