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Rutile Ilmenite

Rutile Ilmenite

Noble Alchem has developed itself into a renowned supplier of Natural Rutile Sand and Ilmenite sand, which are very versatile and are the key ingredients of welding electrodes.

We procure the best grades of Rutile & Ilmenite from global locations to feed customers demand.

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Our POTASSIUM, SODIUM & MIXED Titanates are widely used in low hydrogen electrode, AC/DC electrode, stainless steel electrode and flux cored wires.

These additives are included in flux formulation to:

  • Enhance wear resistance in high temperature formulations that require chemical stability.
  • Reduce arc voltage & provide arc stability.
  • Reduce spattering.
  • Provide fine welding line and enhance bonding charecteristics.
  • Improve slag mobility.

Our experienced specialists develop customized solutions to meet the requirement of our cuatomers.

Product range



Silicates are the main welding additives and their function widely exceeds that of a simple binder.

Smoot Extrusion, Quiet Burning and Low Arc Spattering are spome of the attibutes which depend upon quality of silicates.

We manufacture POTASSIUM, SODIUM, LITHIUM & MIXED silicates of highest purity.

Silicates are available as liquids, solids (lumps) and powders.

Ourexperienced specialists develop customized solutions to meet the requirement of customers.

Company profile

Established in 1986, Noble Alchem manufactures a wide range of chemical products. We specialize in Silicates and Titanates of various grades.

Our Silicates and Titanates find important application in welding industries.

Our skilled, experienced, and dedicated personnel coupled with the state-of-the art and modern machinery make us one of the best manufacturing facilities in India.

We procure only the finest raw material from all across the globe to manufacture high quality products.

Our habit of meeting deadlines, integrity, hard work, and fulfilling trade commitments, has won us many laurels across the globe.

Our manufacturing facilities are aided by well-equipped laboratories and technicians so as to deliver products that match international standard. This helps us address overseas demands and attract export orders.