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Products and innovations

Gas cartridge edge welding torch set

Gas cartridge edge welding torch set

The new PERKEO UPSIDE gas cartridge edge welding torch is the perfect little torch for special and short-term uses on the roof.

It is operated with the new UPSIDE special gas cartridges and burns for up to 45 minutes with a UPSIDE gas cartridge. The burner is immediately usable "overhead" and can be used in any position. The flame from the 25 millimetre high-performance burner head is extremely powerful and enables bitumen edges and corners to be welded on quickly. UPSIDE is the ideal little helper for all repair work on the roof.

Company profile

The Experts for Soldering and Welding Technology

Since the founding of the company in 1919, in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) we have been manufacturing gas soldering equipment, welding torches, oxy-gas welding equipment, cutting torches, pressure reducers, valves and accessories for all known gas types and gas mixtures.
The comprehensive range of PERKEO products leaves almost nothing to be desired in the field of oxy-gas soldering and welding technology.
We are your experts for devices, outfits and equipment for:

• welding
• cutting
• heating
• melting
• annealing
• soft soldering
• lead soldering
• brazing
• roofing
• burning off
• shrinking
• thawing
• cooking
• tinning

PERKEO soldering and welding equipment is used in many different areas of application. In the industrial sector the bandwidth extends from the smallest of machine-type torches for series production up to large handheld fusion torches for heating heavy metal components.

• Refrigeration and airconditioning
• Roofers
• Plumbers
• Heating installers
• Sanitary installers
• Civil engineering
• Industry
• Instrument makers
• Gold smiths + silver smiths
• Handicraft
• Dental technology
• Vocational training schools
• Modelers
• Garages
• Butchers
• Painters
• Camping/caravan
• Catering

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