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MCM for doorframe cutting and welding

MCM for doorframe cutting and welding

Promotech’s MCM machines are true portable CNC cutting and welding machines. They can work on round, conical or flat surfaces as well as on multi-surface parts. These machines are designed and manufactured by Promotech and are made of highest quality European parts.

The application of a door frame to a wind tower, which requires cutting, beveling, assembling and welding processes, is a time-consuming operation that deeply affects the manufacturing cycle.

Promotech’s MCM Machines – Portable CNC Oxy-Cutting & Beveling and SAW Welding accepts two technologies that apply door to tower:

  • Door frame welded directly on tower
  • Door frame welded in a rectangular plate, which is then welded in the tower section
  • Cutting & Beveling openings in Big-size Monopiles, and maximum plate thickness up to #150 millimeter and it’s One-man operation

In all cases MCM machines produce perfect joints, door frame fit up and MCM SAW welds in “full penetration” class acceptability level B according to ISO 5817. Less than one percent of welding defect rate and no grinding by finished welded seam of the door frame inside and outside tower section it’s confirmed by customers in Wind Business.

Top features: 

  • MCM scanning system - to obtain individual door frame shape for cutting/beveling and welding operations
  • Simple and easy MCM control system - any CNC programming is required nor costly operator’s training
  • One-man operation - minimized Overhead and Labor Cost 
  • Aperture automatic or semi-automatic MCM cutting and beveling - minimized grinding / perfect door frame fitting
  • MCM SAW Welding (inside) - welding deposition rate from 8 to 11.6 kg/hour
  • MCM SAW welding (outside) - less than one percent of welding defect rate and no grinding by finished welded seam of the door frame inside and outside. It’s confirmed with customers in Wind Business.

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Product range

PROMOTECH range of products

PROMOTECH manufactures a wide range of advanced, portable professional machines and industrial systems. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified modern plant, constantly implementing the latest and most advanced technological design and manufacturing processes. Our highly qualified and well experienced engineering staff is able to meet most sophisticated customers’ requirements.

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Promotech’s products:

  • are made in Poland according to the highest quality standards
  • target highly specialized niche markets
  • meet the requirements of the most demanding clients and markets worldwide
  • proved to be extremely reliable with a variety of practical applications
  • include top quality components
Company news

PROMOTECH Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

PROMOTECH Vacuum Pad for Mag Drills

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Company profile

PROMOTECH is an innovation driven ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of professional power tools, welding automation equipment and industrial systems. We offer comprehensive range of mag drills and hydraulic punchers for hole making processes, pipe and plate bevellers to lay the foundation for high quality welds through accurate beveling with no heat affected zones or distortion of the work pieces as well as family of portable welding and cutting tractors to increase production and reduce welding costs. PROMOTECH provides also custom-made solutions incl. MIG/MAG & SAW welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, pipe shape cutting, tailored for structural steel fabricators, heavy machinery manufacturers, shipyards and other metal machining companies.