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PROTEM, designs and manufactures a wide range of machine-tools and services for all machining and welding preparation work for tubular components, boiler and heat exchanger tubes, for the replacement of steam generators, for the repair and maintenance of flanges and valves, for the dismantling of the internals of nuclear reactors and nuclear vessels.PROTEM machining applications vary from orbital cutting, severing, beveling, squaring, counterboring, facing, surfacing, drilling and boring to cutting heat exchanger tubes to various lengths, removal of weld joints, replacement of steam generators.

The  PROTEM machines can meet the requirements of customers from many fields of activity such as Energy (Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Boiler, Renewable Energy), Tube and Valve manufacturing, Welding, Shipbuilding, Chemistry, Aerospace and Aircraft industries, Defense, Heavy industry and High Purity industries (Pharmacy, Semiconductors, Food, & Beverage, Clean rooms…