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RobotMeta: Easy-to-use Welding Robots

RobotMeta: Easy-to-use Welding Robots

RobotMeta offers 2 types of hollow-wrist robots for MIG/MAG welding. Their teach pendant and the control system behind are deeply adapted for arc welding.

Configurations and settings are so easy to find and use that almost anyone is capable to learn how to use it. As an ideal robot package for welding SMEs, RobotMeta bring high total ownership value and much shorter ROI. 

To have a direct impression, please visit RobotMeta YouTube Channel.

Company profile

RobotMeta: Plug, Play and Weld. 

RobotMeta Technology supplies super easy-to-use welding robots for welding SMEs (small and medium enterprises) worldwide. Our robot systems have been deeply adapted for MIG/MAG welding and laser welding. Featured with great simplicity of operation, RobotMeta brings higher total ownership value to welding end-customers, especially when they don't have a well-trained robotic operator. 

For professional robotic interators and users, RobotMeta Pro is also available, which is capable of working conveniently with external axis, external laser sensors, and functions like seam-tracking thru welding arc. In comparison, RobotMeta Pro is still much easier for welding company to learn and to use. 

To have a direct feeling about how easy to use RobotMeta, pls visit RobotMeta YouTube Channel.