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Company profile

An Italian Established in 1979, SALDOTECNICA is a globally recognized leader in the welding transformation industry, a company specializing in advanced technology for the welding transformation industry and specializing in the production of welding wires Driven by our commitment to advanced technology, innovation, and superior quality, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our product range is complemented by our division, EUROFILO, which embodies our relentless pursuit of technological advancement and product development. With a robust combination procedure at the heart of our operations, we harness advanced technology to achieve the pinnacle of precision and excellence - a mark of Saldotecnica's professional standards.

Beyond our products, we provide extensive technical and commercial services. Our dedicated team is adept at swiftly resolving issues and devising both technical and economical solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to adapt to customer needs and our commitment to providing full technical support.

As a global player, we are continually expanding, propelled by our dedication to quality and competitive pricing for high-standard materials. We invite users to experience our product quality firsthand and are confident in meeting the highest operational requirements.

At Saldotecnica, we are not just a supplier; we are your strategic partner in driving the welding industry forward.

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