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It is pleasure to introduce Schutz Carbon Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Arc Carbon Electrodes / Air Arc Gouging Carbon Electrodes - since year 1978.

As a part of our ambitious plans for expansion, we entered into Manufactured Speciality Graphite with its unique combination of properties has found wide spread use in various industries such as Aluminium, Metallurgical, Non-Ferrous metal,Steel, Mechanical, Chemical, Diamond, Glass and Electrical Industries.

Schutz Carbon has the state of the art plant at Kalol near Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India, employing over 250 personnel. We have fully equipped and dedicated modern machine shops at our plant. Our machine shop is capable of machining graphite products to your specification of fine tolerances, with our state of art machining facilities.

Our product range includes Graphite rods, blocks, Graphite fluxing tubes, impeller/shaft system/baffle plates for Aluminium degassing, run out plates, sintering trays, melting crucibles, dies for continuous casting, sleeves for thermocouples, graphite jigs and fixture, furnace components, Graphite rings, heating elements and Graphite powders & granules.

With the application of advanced process techniques and rigid quality control at every stage of manufacturing, we ensure quality products having uniform distribution and balanced combination of properties.

Our R&D is staffed with well qualified, experienced and competent Engineers, who are constantly engaged in providing total solution for Carbon-Graphite requirements.

Schutz Carbon offer SMR, SLR and SGB series grades in extruded graphite, SMT Series in Tubes, SIG series in Moulded and SHD grade series in the Iso-graphite.
We request you to contact us for any Carbon-Graphite requirements and for more information do visit our website: www.schutzcarbon.com