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Complete, efficient, and modern manual welding training solution: It allows the practice of manual welding through a wide catalogue of welding joints in Augmented Reality, with carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, in thicknesses from one to 25 millimetre and GMAW (MIG/MAG) & FCAW, SMAW (MMA Electrode), GTAW (TIG) processes.

Soldamatic 4.0 includes HyperReal-SIM, providing the most immersive training experience thanks to a technology based on the parametrization of real welding and the use of the most powerful graphic tools and real welding equipment. This version introduced the possibility to work remotely, thanks to the Cloud technology.

The 4.0 version introduced the first of its kind robotics welding training solution, working with Augmented Reality and real components. And supported by a robotics welding curricula and specific robotics Advanced Welding Multijoints.

Company profile

Seabery Augmented Technology is the worldwide leader in simulated welding educational solutions, powered by augmented reality technology. Seabery aspires to evolve and power educational institutions and industrial sectors from traditional educational models to safe, effective and efficient, digitizalized training methods to prepare the skilled labor force of the 21st century. 

Soldamatic training methodology is currently implemented in more than 80 countries in both education and industrial training. Powered by the proprietary system of Hyperreal-SIMTM, Soldamatic training provides a multi-sensory experience and the most realistic welding training  aside from real-life welding.

Soldamatic has been awarded The Best Augmented Reality Application in Education at the Auggie Awards, Silicon Valley, California, 2017. Seabery Augmented Training was awarded The Best Spanish SME of the Year by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in 2021.

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