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Collaring Unit HFT-2000 SS

Collaring Unit HFT-2000 SS

Pipe branching by the T-DRILL method is also called collaring, mechanical tee forming, or simply T-DRILL tees. The T-DRILL method of pipe branching is an ideal solution for making tee joints in main run tubes in just a couple of minutes.

Hand Feed Table for small volume production of stainless steel manifolds
HFT-2000 SS is used in conjunction with the T-DRILL T-65 SS collaring machine. The Hand Feed Table (HFT) is capable of producing collars O.D. 17 to 54 millimetre (¾” – 2″) in run tubes O.D. 32 to 114 millimetre (1 ¼” – 4″).

  • No T-fittings
  • No costly inventories
  • No tube cutting
  • Only one welded joint
  • Minimized inspection cost
  • Tee ratio variation flexibility
  • Smaller risk of leakage or call-backs
  • Optimized flow-characteristics
  • Hygienic, clean weld points

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T-DRILL's Tube End Spinning reduces the costs of fittings and brazing materials, no need or inventory of expensive fitting pieces, reduces the working time and improves product integrity by eliminating leak points.
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Connecting a branch pipe to a run pipe using the T-DRILL method is also called collaring. As the tee is fabricated from the basic tube, no costly T-pieces are needed. Instead of three joints, there is only one joint!
Photographer: T-DRILL
Connecting a branch pipe to a run pipe using the T-DRILL method is also called collaring. The Hand Feed Table (HFT) is capable of producing collars O.D. 17–54 mm (¾” – 2″) in run tubes O.D. 32–114 mm (1 ¼” – 4″).
Photographer: T-DRILL
Product range

Collaring Machine S-80

Collaring Machine S-80

The Collaring Machine S-80 with Automatic Tool Changer and Fully Servo Controlled Process is extremely fast and highly effective machine for both Stainless Steel and Copper pipes.

The S-80 machine has been developed to make collars between 8–80 mm (5/16–3 1/8“) faster than ever before, which makes it a perfect solution for high volume applications up to 114,3 mm (4″) pipes.

The S-80 has fully automatic, servo controlled collaring cycle: 1. Pilot hole milling, 2. Collar forming, and 3. Trimming for the collars to be welded. The great advantage of the automatic tool changer is the possibility to make different collar diameters during this same automatic working cycle.

The modular design of the S-80 and many unique options allows us to meet a wide variety of different industry specific requirements and offer optimized tube and pipe manufacturing solutions – all to improve your productivity.

Product range

Flanging Machine F-420e

Flanging Machine F-420e

Globally the first of its kind, T-DRILL’s revolutionary Flanging Machine F-420e, is by far the most advanced flanging machine on the market – implemented with entirely programmable servo technology.

T-DRILL F-420e Flanging Machine

Company profile

T-DRILL is the globally leading provider of tube and pipe fabrication solutions.

For more than three decades, T-DRILL kept developing solutions for diverse applications in many industries. The modular design of T-DRILL machines and equipment allows us to meet industry-specific requirements and offer flexible customized tube and pipe manufacturing solutions for a vast variety of tube and pipe processing needs.

You can make collars, cut to length, and form tube ends with T-DRILL technologies faster and more accurately than with any other method – saving time, money, and material. Worldwide support is always available and the customer’s productivity is of utmost importance to us. The result are countless success stories in more than sixty countries, and as a pioneer in the tube and pipe fabrication field, T-DRILL will continue to innovate what’s next.

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