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Products and innovations

Rolling induction system

THERMOPROZESS develops the rolling induction system for induction heating of rotating components in all dimensions (Patent-No.: 3297398).

• Rotating components such as pipes, containers, shafts, heat exchangers or similar.
• Preheat and soaking of circumferential seams.

• Flexible adaption to different diameters, therefore specific customer requests could be realized.
• Flexible induction cables (natural-cooled) Ti 550 are used. So there is no risk of water, especially in the area of welding and/or heating.
• Constant coupling distance despite possible ovalities of the heated components.
• Uniform temperature profile.
• Induction heat treatment unit could be operated with green electrician, CO2-neutrally.
• There is no need for heating with an open flame.
• No punctual heating and overheating due to the open flame.
• Low noise level.
• No expensive gas consumption.
• Low heat radiation to the environment and thus a relief for the staff.
• No danger due to gas-oxygen-hoses lying on the ground.

Company profile


The experts for heat treatment

Dear Madame or Sir,

we allow ourselves to introduce our company.

Through our decades of experience in the field of on-situ heat treatment we are just your partner. We combine the latest state of the art technology with modular system elements and offer you tailor-made, cost-effective solutions for your heat treatment business - from a single machine to a complete system.

We offer reliable solutions that are versatile and ensure economical operations. From the planning to the implementation of heat treatment operations (ranging from a 1 inch butt weld to components with a weight of several hundred tons), the manufacturing of a complete range of heat treatment equipment and electrical heat tracing systems.

We are at your disposal with quality and expertise, user-friendly concepts and customized solutions.

 We stand for quality, safety, reliability and flexibility.

The experts of THERMOPROZESS are able to carry out thermal treatments using 5 different techniques:

  • Electric resistance heating
  • Induction heating
  • Permanent furnaces / temporary furnances
  • Hot air heating / dry out of refractory linings
  • Electrical heat tracing

Our trained staff is represented internationally at 5 locations.

This amounts to 3 locations within Germany and include Mülheim an der Ruhr, Mannheim and Train. Also we have companies in Czech Republic and Egypt.



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