Zum Großen Deich 46
DE 77656 Offenburg
Mr. Thomas Vauderwange

Company profile

VauQuadrat is the manufacturer of  PENETRATION DEPTH INDUCTION. What is that? Judging from the used frequency, litterature would suggest pure superficial heating, with the usual runaway temperatures that can be seen at normal induction. But here, the skin effect is much weaker than usual. This opens up a whole field of material friendly, fast, and energy efficient applications;

- Heat straightening, also on Fine Grain/Tempered/Duplex/Armor steel

- In-Line-Preheating, that does not cost any extra time

- Repeatable and easy brazing and soldering

- De-Hardening of thermal cutting edges

- Works fine and efficient also on non-ferrritic materials like Stainless Steel (Austenites), Aluminum, Copper,....