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KFS173A-IR5 features 2.0 mm THICK molded visor. CE EN166, ANSI Z87.1 & AS/NZS 1337.1 Made in Taiwan It offers better protection: - Protection against high-speed particles & high energy impact - Protection against splashes of liquids - Protection against molten metal and hot solids - 99.9 percent UV protection
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KVP-190 PORTABLE KIT includes all items of cutting, welding and brazing. Packed in carry tote for easy storage and moving up and down in complicate working site.Small size regulator side entry or back entry optional. Suitable for air conditioning and pluming job.
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ELITE KIT offers a convenient carrying and storage, also reliable function by valuable construction and quality technology.Compact brass torches and quick connection handle provide a simple and fast performance.Light weight and easy assembly is the main feature.
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FAVOR KIT, medium duty, offers convenient carry and storage, also reliable function.Our regulator in encapsulated HD valve provides stable flow and safer working.Full accessories let you work immediately to weld, cut and braze.
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