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Welding Alloys was founded in 1966 near Cambridge (UK). Today, the Welding Alloys Group offers the world's largest portfolio of cored wire electrodes for joint and build-up welding and cladding. Cored wires based on iron, nickel, cobalt and copper are manufactured worldwide with our own production technology. The company also offers a range of aluminum welding wires and stick electrodes. Thanks to comprehensive quality assurance systems, the welding filler materials meet the requirements of international industry standards and their approvals.

Welding Alloy's unique experience is shaped by years of commitment to research and development of specific products and solutions in the fight against wear. In addition, the group offers a wide range of welding services in the INTEGRA™ Service Centers. The wear protection performance is optimized in 25 service centers worldwide or at the customer's site.

Through many years of close cooperation with companies from the cement, steel, energy, mining, transport and mechanical engineering sectors and the corresponding OEMs, the Welding Alloys Group designs and produces modular automatic welding machines with controlled wire feed systems, mobile welding systems and fully automatic systems including manipulators with EtherCat bus systems.

Welding Alloys welding systems have been successfully installed and commissioned in over 45 countries. With more than 1200 employees and specialists from various disciplines in over 30 branches, WA offers an unrivaled service worldwide.