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New welding torches from Translas shine in regard to ergonomics and durability

New welding torches from Translas shine in regard to ergonomics and durability

Nieuwegein, Netherlands, October 2017 – During the German welding and cutting trade show ‘Schweißen & Schneiden 2017’, Translas, a manufacturer of welding torches, introduced a new generation of MIG & TIG welding torches. The new line of torches 8XM and 8XT, which by now represent the 8th generation, shine in regard to ergonomics and durability. With this, Translas offers torch lines that make the daily welding work even easier and more comfortable.


An excellent grip, solid construction, low weight, high operational reliability and the pleasant manner in which the torches lie in your hand all form the unique characteristics of both lines of torches.

For example, the handles of both welding torches have been fitted with a new ribbed structure with 2K rubber inlays, which provide an optimal grip on the torch and moreover the torch has been given a unique design. As a result, the introduction of the new line of torches immediately received a very positive response.


The new 8XM MIG welding torch line is comprised of 15 different types, up to a 380 ampere gas-cooled torch and a 550 ampere water-cooled torch. In addition to the grip, the MIG welding torches of the 8XM line have also been equipped with a switch that is 30% larger, enabling easier switching. 

The high cooling capacity of the Translas MIG welding torches due to the unique construction of the swan necks has always been a distinguishing feature. Translas additionally claims to achieve 15% better cooling than with traditional swan necks.


Due to their use for more detailed welding work, the feel with which TIG welding torches lie in the welder’s hand is always a deciding factor. During the design of the new 8XT TIG welding torch line, Translas has fully placed the focus on ergonomics. This has resulted in a handle that has been ergonomically designed down to the smallest detail in order to provide the welder with the greatest possible comfort and to eliminate any tension in the wrist or fingers. For this, among others additional grip lines have been added at both the bottom as well as the top side, a bump at the bottom side lies between the thumb and index finger, as a result of which more stability is provided in each welding position.


An additional striking innovation is the possibility of rotating the torch body to three positions: straight as well as 45 degrees to the left and right. In this manner, it is possible to also reach areas that are difficult to access when welding.
In order to increase durability and operational reliability even further, Translas has also optimally shielded the PCB module in the machine contact, preventing the disruptive influence of high frequencies and contamination.


The new torch lines 8XM and 8XT will be delivered worldwide in more than 50 countries via a select dealer network.


Company profile

Translas is a Dutch manufacturer of welding torches since 1960, founded “by welders, for welders” with a passion for innovation and new technologies. We engineer innovative products that boast a distinctive design as well as quality and functionality.

Welders’ safety is of paramount importance to Translas. The company’s goal is to globally reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous fumes and to provide a healthier and safer work environment, therefore establishing higher productivity and profitability. Some of our pioneering products include fume extractor guns with a built-in module to safely extract welding fumes at the source and portable extraction units.

Translas has grown at a fast pace over the last few years. With the recent opening of Canadian distribution channels the company is focusing on key partnerships with companies utilizing smart technologies globally to influence today’s manufacturing industry towards “the future”.

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