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The ALXIII Series is the most advanced welding data logging system available to date.

The ALXIII Portable is a 'go-anywhere' battery/mains powered unit capable of monitoring all types of arc welding in the workshop at a remote location. Each of the high capacity rechargeable NiMH battery packs powers the ALXIII for up to three hours of weld monitoring. 

Also available as a two-channel or four-channel unit, the ALXIII Workstation can be utilised in many different applications and is the industry workhorse for the international oil and gas pipeline section. The unit has all the facilities of the ALXIII Portable but allows one unit to monitor up to four welding heads from a single location.

In addition, the ALXIII RS can easily turn your own laptop or desktop PC into an advanced arc welding data logging and monitoring system.

Product range

CALSIS; Visual inspection, and measurement, of internal root profile of pipeline welds.

The CALSIS is currently in use on landlines inspecting, and measuring root profile in stainless steel and clad pipe welds. The interchangeable scanning heads and wheel sets allow the CALSIS to operate in pipe sizes from as small as 110mm I.D., making this the most versatile internal inspection tool of its kind.

The CALSIS can be deployed either as an independent unit driven by an electric crawler, on reach rods, or attached to the pipeline internal line up clamp (depending on project requirements). The 1-kilometre wireless transmission system makes the CALSIS the perfect tool for land line closing welds, allowing the inspector clear HD video, and root profile measurement down to 50 microns resolution.

Product range

Gas Monitoring from TVC

TVC will be exhibiting our field proven gas equipment for monitoring purge gas conditions, (GPM) gas flow (NFM2, GFM2), and the GQM system for measuring the composition of bottled or bulk gas mixes.

Company profile

TVC is a technology and service company serving the welding, inspection, and non-destructive testing (NDT) industries since 1995. TVC has become a global leader in data acquisition, logging solutions, and inspection equipment by developing, manufacturing, and marketing first- rate monitoring systems. Our next generation of weld monitoring and data logging systems combine the latest software advances to facilitate the seamless digital exchange of welding data at all levels for IoT and Industry 4.0 compliance. With wireless capabilities for network connectivity and TVC wireless sensors, VNC interface software, and remote assistance, it doesn't matter where in the world you are.

We are an ISO 17025:2017 UKAS accredited laboratory. This enables us to conduct BS EN 22232-1:2020 electrical verification of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment, BS EN 15317:2013 for Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Equipment, and the electrical verification of Weld Monitoring and Welding Inspection Equipment with on-site and off-site capabilities . We also offer a traceable calibration and repair service for all types of NDT and Inspection Equipment. Our Calibration Laboratory is audited and approved to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for the Service, Repair, and Calibration of NDT equipment, and calibrations are carried out to UK and international standards using equipment traceable to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

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