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Bavaria Schweisstechnik produces a wide range of agglomerated or fused flux. If necessary, we can adapt the flux to your specific requirements. Together with our welding wires (lo-up/hi-up), strips, MIG wires or TIG rods you receive a coordinated system – for optimal results in submerged-arc welding as well as for GMAW and GTAW.

Company profile

Bavaria Schweisstechnik was founded in 1985 by Kurt Lettner. The experienced technician had previously developed flux at leading companies in the sector. His know-how has helped shape the development of submerged-arc welding technology since 1969 when it was still in its early stages and forms the foundation on which Bavaria Schweisstechnik was established. In 2009, Robert and Hubert Lettner took over the company from their father and expanded it even further.

The globally active company has established itself since its founding as a specialist in flux, wires and strips which help to achieve optimal submerged-arc welding results even in unusual applications. Particularly our strict compliance of the quality standards and close cooperation with the users enables us to respond to their needs in a flexible way, fast and with high quality. Experienced specialist engineers and technicians assist our customers in selecting the appropriate combination and assist in all questions concerning applications – even on site if necessary.

From the company headquarters in Munich, customers in over 50 countries worldwide are supplied with fluxes and filler materials for even the most challenging uses. Shipment over sea, land and air is a matter of course. Many manufacturers of welding filler materials use the know-how of Bavaria Schweisstechnik and sell the products under their own brand name.

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