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Product range

Semi-finished and finished products made of copper-based high-temperature materials

Semi-finished and finished products made of copper-based high-temperature materials

CEP Freiberg supplies semi-finished products made of CEP DISCUP® copper-based high-temperature materials. In addition, a number of selected finished products are available. The materials are produced by specialized powder-metallurgy ODS processes that give them unique property profiles. In particular, they exhibit a combination of high conductivity and temperature resistance (their ‘CT property’) - a property that conventional materials do not possess.

Semi-finished products made from CEP DISCUP® are produced in series by indirect extrusion. Round rod material is the primary product. However, square, rectangular or other polygonal profiles can be supplied on request. CEP Freiberg offers a wide range of standard geometries, but tailor-made developments are also possible. Long-lifetime electrode caps for spot welding are just one example of products that can be easily manufactured from this material.

The most important finished product supplied directly by CEP Freiberg is long-lifetime contact tips made of CEP DISCUP®+Cu composite tubes (see fig.). They consist of a sheath of highly conductive pure copper with a core of copper-based high-temperature material. The production of the composite tube is made possible by a special process: hydrostatic extrusion. Contact tips are supplied to suit the systems of most manufacturers of MIG, MAG and submerged-arc welding equipment. Special tips are also available: for example, those required for electric-arc spraying.

The tips are available with round or pentagonal internal geometries. The latter improves electrical contact and, in addition, reduces wear caused by welding-wire friction.

Another finished product made from composite tubes are CEP Freiberg's patented TIG welding collets. They, too, are characterized by a comparable service-life extension when compared with conventional collets.

Company profile

CEP – Compound Extrusion Products Freiberg GmbH (CEP Freiberg) develops and produces powder-metallurgical copper-based high-temperature materials, and supplies them as semi-finished and finished products. By combining the properties of different materials in one, CEP Freiberg’s products close technological gaps for the most demanding applications. These include applications that require conductivity and temperature resistance at the same time. In welding technology, examples include products such as contact tips, tip holders, or electrode caps. Wear-resistant contact tips that suit the systems of all major welding-technology manufacturers are offered as finished products. Their service lifetimes are up to five times longer than those of products made from conventional materials.

The company is based in Freiberg, a development hub for innovative materials in Germany. Unique materials knowledge, a unique process and unique equipment – these are the three foundations for CEP Freiberg´s operations. Semi-finished products and a wide range of end products made from the company’s own materials are produced entirely in-house. The development of bespoke material modifications is also possible.