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A Complete family for Plate processing solutions

A Complete family for Plate processing solutions

The recent market evolutions have led us to improve our plate processing range developing a new hybrid line: the project evolved from a traditional mobile plate processing line on top of which a series of innovative and winning solutions - that already brought our gantry line “Gemini” to success-  have been installed.


The result is our TIPO G, a plate processing line that encloses all the advantages of both technologies and that can perform operations of thermal cutting, marking, scribing, drilling, tapping, milling, bevelling and much more, all with utmost precision and on a single system.


TIPO G can be equipped with up to 2 oxy-fuel torches, 2 plasma torches, straight or bevel, and 2 high speed drilling heads. All the models are easily installed since they do not need special foundations while the plate gripping system does not require specific setups and allows eliminating the vibrations to obtain high productivity and preserve the tools life.


Together with Gemini and Kronos drilling and thermal cutting gantry lines, and our traditional Tipo A, Tipo B and Tipo C drilling punching and cutting solutions for plates, we can offer the most complete plate processing range for fabricators and manufacturers of all sizes.


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Company profile

Headquartered in Varese, Italy, Ficep is the leading manufacturer of machine tools for the steel construction fabrication industry with customers in nearly 90 countries globally. The company provides the world's widest range of machines for both the structural steel and the forging industries. 

Ficep was founded by the family of the present owners in 1930. Over the years the company has grown from being a manufacturer of manual machines to be the global leader in manufacturing the most advanced CNC machines and automatic systems for the steel construction and forging industry. 

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