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Welder training

Welder training

Welducation Simulator & Welducation Campus

The new Welducation Simulator takes virtual welder training to a completely new level. The simulator is integrated into the housing of a standard welding system with real welding torches and super-realistic visuals thanks to augmented reality (AR). Using the simulator, welders can learn, train, and consolidate their welding skills step-by-step under realistic conditions without any risk to safety or material costs. The associated Welducation Campus platform allows welders to undergo comprehensive training with virtual tasks, theory, and course creation and management.

Product range

Welding data & applications

Welding data & applications

The documentation and analysis of process data are becoming increasingly important in welding technology. The Fronius range includes the following products:

WeldCube: A documentation and data analysis system that also connects multiple power sources and enables accurate and continuous quality assurance and the evaluation of numerous welding parameters, thereby facilitating the optimization of manufacturing performance and reliability.

WeldCube Premium: Minimal administration and maximum overview. Increased transparency and productivity are achieved with WeldCube Premium software as part of the WeldCube portfolio. WeldCube Premium stores welding data from multiple systems in a central database and also offers intelligent management, statistics, and analysis functions. As such, the system allows the documentation of component-related data and the creation of PDF reports.

WeldCube Navigator: Real-time feedback solution for welding professionals. Faulty welded joints in the production process can result in massive costs and have a negative impact on overall productivity and quality. The WeldCube Navigator software solution supports you step-by-step in the manufacturing process. Weldcube Navigator combines two functions in one tool: the sequencer guides the welding specialist visually through the work process one step at a time, with the necessary instructions being created digitally in the Editor. A visualization of the work steps and the pre-setting of the defined welding parameters offer maximum support and so minimize the risk of error.

Product range

Health and safety

Health and safety

Every welding application is accompanied by health hazards and it is our aim to provide every welder with appropriate, long-term protection against these risks. In addition to our extensive range of welding systems, we therefore also offer a variety of welding safety products, particularly in the areas of welding fume protection, UV and glare protection, as well as flame and heat protection.

Mobile welding fume extraction

Exento HighVac: Thanks to the particularly high filter quality, the mobile high-vacuum extraction system Exento HighVac separates over 99.9 percent of the captured welding fume particles significantly reducing welding fume exposure. The Exento HighVac system is equipped with an extra-large, vertically mounted filter cartridge for particularly effective cleaning, can be perfectly combined with Exento fume extraction torches, and complies with the EN ISO 21904-1 standard: Health and safety in welding and allied processes.

Exento LowVac: The Exento LowVac mobile low-vacuum extraction system provides users with effective protection against welding fumes and is extremely cost effective thanks to its long service life. It has a disposable filter with an extra-large filter surface of 25 m2 and can be changed without contamination when saturated.

Respiratory protection systems and automatic welding helmets

Vizor Air/3X respiratory protection system: Filtered air and a clear view thanks to our Vizor Air/3X PAPR system, consisting of a powered air-purifying respirator, interconnecting hose and carry strap. Combined with one of our matching welding helmets (e.g., Vizor Air/3X Connect, Vizor 4000 Air/3X Plus or Vizor 4000 Air/3X Professional), the system filters up to 99.8% of welding fume particles out of the ambient air via a TH3P-R-SL particle filter (maximum classification). It then routes the cleaned air through the interconnecting hose and directly back into the inside of the welding helmet.

Vizor Crystal/Vizor Crystal Air: With brightness level 2 when open, large field of vision (nose cut) and the crystal-clear optics, the Vizor Crystal has state-of-the-art digital electronics (AutoShade, twilight function, multi-sensor detection, etc.), which forms its own assistance system to optimally support the welding specialist.

Vizor 4000 Crystal/Vizor 4000 Crystal Air: With brightness level 2 when open, the Vizor 4000 Crystal provides a crystal clear color-realistic view even during the welding process. Thanks to autopilot, you also always enjoy the optimum level of protection.

Vizor Connect/Vizor Connect Air: When welding for 6-8 hours a day, a welder ignites the arc several hundred times. With each ignition, delays of fractions of a second arise before the automatic auto-darkening filter cartridge of the welding helmet closes, but not with the Vizor Connect. Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, the welding helmet darkens even before the arc ignites. Other highlights of the helmet include a panoramic view, autopilot, brightness level 2.5, shade level range 5–12, and much more.

Vizor 4000 Professional/Vizor 4000 Professional Air: This automatic welding helmet earns top marks when it comes to EN379 classification 1/1/1/1, a broad range of uses, perfect visibility, and the option to choose between autopilot and manual levels of protection, brightness level 4, and shade level range 5-13.

Vizor 4000 Plus/Vizor 4000 Plus Air: The automatic welding helmet impresses with true color display, adjustable angle by sensor slider, grinding mode, brightness level 2.5, and shade level range 8-12.

Fazor 1000 Plus: A welding helmet that combines robust quality with outstanding value for money. Further special features include brightness level 4 and shade level range 9-13.

In addition to these welding safety products, we also offer a wide range of protective clothing for welders (jackets, pants, aprons, gloves, and much more). In addition to the clothing, plug-in welding torch heat shields and button extensions also ensure even better heat protection during all welding tasks.


In addition to the protection measures mentioned above, it is also necessary to consider ergonomics in welding, to support and protect the welder at work. This requires solutions not only to assure critical health and safety at work but also the necessary comfort when working, in order to promote a healthy musculoskeletal system.

We have focused here on solutions such as hosepack lengths of up to 15 meters, balanced welding torches, and torch bodies with different lengths and angles.

Product range

Robotic welding and automation

Robotic welding and automation

Fronius offers an extensive range of products and solutions in the field of robotic welding, from the welding system and a wide variety of robotic welding torches to intelligent assistance systems to help increase quality and efficiency.  As a system provider in the Welding Automation segment, Fronius implements customized, highly cost-effective complete solutions for automated mechanized arc welding.

TPS/i Push systems: Push systems are particularly suitable for standard applications (e.g., CrNi and steel) where consistent quality and high system availability are required.

TPS/i PushPull systems: Equipped with two perfectly synchronized wirefeeders, these systems are mainly used for long wirefeeding distances and soft filler metals. PushPull systems are suitable for all processes and applications.

TPS/i CMT Twin: A combination of two independently operating forms of arc welding in a single process, be it two CMT processes or one CMT and one GMAW pulse welding process. Thanks to the extremely stable arc, even thin sheets can be welded at high speed, with little spatter, deep penetration, and an optimized weld seam flow.

LaserHybrid: A combination of laser and GMAW welding. The high welding speed and concentrated energy of the laser in combination with the GMAW arc bring advantages when joining thin sheets as well as thicker materials. LaserHybrid is now also available in combination with the TPS/i.

Robot welding torch: With various torch bodies on offer in a range of lengths and with different angles, the right robot welding torch is available whatever the welding application. All robot welding torches are also available as water-cooled versions.

Robot assistance systems: Save money with wire-based assistance systems

WireSense – detect the edge position and air gap height with WireSense: The patented WireSense technology works together with the welding system to enable the robot to detect the edge position and any air gaps between the sheets.

TouchSense – detect the fillet weld position: To compensate for component and clamping tolerances, the robot can use TouchSense to check the position of fillet welds automatically before each weld.

SeamTracking – track seams during welding: Where thick sheets or long seams are being welded, the resulting heat can lead to distortion or poor positioning of the components. SeamTracking ensures the detection of fillet welds and butt welds without any additional hardware whatsoever.

TeachMode – efficient robot programming: The teach mode supports the welder when programming welding positions on the robot and in doing so makes the programming process more efficient. The reversing wire movement prevents the wire bending upon unwanted contact with the component.

Robacta CTC: Robacta CTC automates the manual changing of gas nozzles. It takes no more than 50 seconds for the tip to be changed, without production being halted for someone to intervene. Pre-defined torques also reduce the risk of operating errors by maintenance personnel, thus extending the service life of the equipment.

Robacta Reamer: With the right cleaning, the service life of welding torch wear parts can be increased many times over. Depending on the welding material and application, we offer suitable cleaning systems to match the right welding torches and wear parts; for example, cleaning methods such as milling, brushing or magnetic cleaning are available for steel or aluminum applications.

CWC-S cobot welding cell: The CWC-S delivers flexibility when welding different components, from batch sizes of 1 to small series. Operation can be learned in just a few hours as it requires no programming knowledge. Trainees can operate the CWC-S in no time at all and significantly reduce the workload of your welding specialists.

Fronius Pathfinder: The Pathfinder programming and simulation software allows the user to create welding jobs offline without having to interrupt ongoing welding processes. This saves time and money. With the help of simulations, errors and collisions can be detected in advance and welding sequences optimized. Intelligent welding path management and innovative calibration logarithms guarantee accurate welding paths, which are used as the basis for high-quality weld seams that can be reproduced at any time.

Product range

Manual welding

Manual welding

Fronius offers ideal solutions for every manual welding process - MMA welding, MIG/MAG, and TIG welding, along with the right welding torches. The range includes:

TPS/i: MIG/MAG power source equipped with extensive communication features, also suitable for customization and retrofitting. Available in power categories 320 A, 400 A, 500 A, and 600 A, as well as 270 A and 320 A compact versions. Several function packages allow the use of different dip transfer and pulsed arc processes, including PMC (Pulse Multi Control), LSC (Low Spatter Control), and CMT (Cold Metal Transfer).

iWave – Multiprocess PRO: Be it for TIG, MIG/MAG or MMA welding: In addition to all high-tech TIG functions, the iWave 300i, 400i or 500i devices with the Multiprocess PRO option also give access to all process variants from the MIG/MAG range. The modular Welding Packages can be used to bring together the precise functions required for the welding process: Standard, Pulse, PMC, LSC, and CMT. You even have the option of professional manual metal arc welding – with all the benefits of cellulose electrode welding.

TransSteel: With up to 170 optimized characteristics and 6 different power categories between 220 A and 500 A, the TransSteel series demonstrates characteristics that are in demand in heavy steel construction. At the same time, the MIG/MAG welding system remains versatile: in particular in the version with pulse function, the TransSteel tackles applications involving aluminum and stainless steel with ease. The compact versions of the series are Multiprocess models that combine MIG/MAG, TIG, and MMA welding processes in a single device.

TIG Dynamic Wire - active wire control in cold wire TIG welding: The innovative advantage of Fronius TIG DynamicWire compared to conventional continuous wirefeeding in cold wire systems lies in its automatic self-regulation. The power source actively adjusts the wire speed to the welding behavior, torch position, and current conditions, while the system even automatically compensates for component tolerances of up to 30%.


MIG/MAG welding torches: Unbeatable precision and service life: The MIG/MAG welding torches deliver the best outcomes in gas-cooled and water-cooled applications. Hosepacks up to 15 meters long and torch bodies of different lengths and angles make life easier for every welder, not to mention the remote control in the handle on certain models.

TIG welding torches: The modular construction of the new TIG Multilock welding torches means they can be individually adapted to almost any customer requirement. Different torch body lengths, a range of torch cap sizes, and rotating torch bodies help when access is awkward and ensure effortless handling.

FlexDrive: Are you looking to bridge larger distances between the welding system and the welding point with ease? That’s no problem with the FlexDrive WF 25i - a small and portable intermediate drive between wirefeeder and welding torch.

WF 25i Dual for super-quick wire changes: As an extension for the TPS/i device series, the Dual Wire Feeder allows the user to quickly switch between two wire thicknesses or wire materials at the touch of a button.

MagicCleaner 150/300: The MagicCleaner 150/300 series represents an innovative technology for the treatment of TIG welds and stainless steel surfaces, facilitating the cleaning, polishing, and inscribing of stainless steel. In contrast to mechanical or chemical cleaning, the material surface is not affected by the process. No work-in time is required and an additional passivation process is no longer necessary.

Company profile

Fronius International GmbH is an Austrian company with headquarters in Pettenbach and other sites in Wels, Thalheim, Steinhaus and Sattledt. With 7.000 employees worldwide, the company is active in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging technology. 89% of its products are exported through 36 international Fronius subsidiaries and sales partners/representatives in over 60 countries. With its innovative products and services and 1,366 granted patents, Fronius is the global innovation leader.

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