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Product range

FLIESS welding consumables offer a wide product variety

FLIESS welding consumables offer a wide product variety

The production program includes over 80 qualities that are available in all coils types and all diameters. In addition to the comprehensive basic program we implement specific solutions to customer as custom embossed bars and optimized for large units SAW and MIG-wire electrodes.

Fliess is specialised in medium-alloy welding filler materials for high-strength, heat-resistant, lowtemperature and weatherproof steels. The analysis tolerances of the wires are much tighter than those specified in the valid standards. This is particularly applicable to companion and trace elements. For example in the case of the heat-resistant qualities, the Bruscato-factor of 15 ppm demanded according to American standards is less than 10 ppm as a rule.

Company profile

FLIESS welding wire- since 1915
The company was founded by Hermann Fliess in Duisburg in 1915. Within a few years the company established itself as a major manufacturer of covered electrodes and gas welding rods.

In the mid-'20s Fliess exported quality products worldwide. In the 30s the development and production of wire electrodes for submerged arc welding began in the 50s for GMA welding. Fliess filed for numerous patents and invested in modern production.

Today Fliess is an international manufacturer of welding consumables, following three simple principles: high quality, speed and uncompromising customer fulfillment.

This sustainable development Fliess owes to the fact that in addition to the products the company is responsible towards employees, the environment and the society. Therefore, Fliess committed especially today clearly to the production site of Germany!