Von-Siemens-Str. 20
DE 48691 Vreden

Company profile

KEMPER GmbH is a manufacturer of extraction and filter systems for the metalworking industry. The medium-sized family business based in Vreden, Westphalia, is a technology leader with its highly efficient filter systems that filter even ultra-fine dust particles from the air when welding fumes are generated. Extraction tables for cutting processes and the entire accessory chain in terms of occupational health and safety and air pollution control for the metalworking industry are part of the product portfolio. KEMPER was founded in 1977 and today employs more than 350 people. The company is managed by Björn Kemper and Frederic Lanz. In addition to its headquarters in Vreden, the company maintains a production site near Prague (Czech Republic). With more than ten branches and numerous permanent trading partners, KEMPER is represented worldwide.