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Graebener – machine the difference.

Graebener® makes the difference. As a member of the worldwide successful Graebener Group, Graebener develops and realizes custom-made machine solutions for the core markets hydroforming, automotive, pipe and vessel industry, wind tower production as well as shipbuilding – on the basis of almost 100 years of experience in the field of metal processing.

Worldwide, Graebener offers technical solutions for special challenges and special problem around the forming, bending, milling and welding. For example the cost-effective solutions for the seam preparation for the narrow gap welding. Here, Graebener has established itself as world market leader in the field of pipe and vessel industry as well as wind tower production. Another example is the patented Graebener TWP technology in the field of shipbuilding. The technology enables shipyards to assemble fully automated plates with different wall thicknesses to decks of ships due to an intelligent combination of milling and laser hybrid welding technology.

Graebener® is not a standard solution. A Graebener® machine is a custom-made solution – tailored to the individual requirements and needs of the customer.

Benefit from the know-how of the world market leader. Graebener® makes the difference.

A solution for every challenge:

Weld seam preparation

  • Plate edge milling machines
  • Long seam milling machines
  • Circ seam milling machines
  • End bevelling machines
  • Profile milling machines

Panel production

  • TWP® system

Root Tacking

  • Continuous root tacking machine


  • Pre-bending press
  • Pipe bending press
  • 3-roll bending machine
  • 4-roll bending machine
  • Post-bending machine

Calibration and Testing

  • Calibration and straightening press
  • Hydrotester

Retrofit solutions